Squirt Irrigation

Saving Water

The team at Squirt Irrigation gives farmers peace of mind when it comes to the best upkeep of their farms. With the farmers best interest put first, we manage the irrigation systems to provide the most efficient use of water for their agricultural needs. Physically surveying the grounds with laser technology will ensure farmers to get the most coverage of water for your field. Specifically designed to meet your needs.


John Nettleman has been in the business for over 13 years; he has been fortunate enough to learn a thing or two during those years. He takes pride in guaranteeing our staff is knowledgeable with the most up-to-date information about all of your farm irrigation needs. Keeping your pivots running properly is our main priority!

Grain Storage

Superior Grain Bins are beneficial to have for your farm. Quality and reliability are essential for any grain bins to secure usage in years to come. A comfort given to farmers knowing the product is dependable. Superior is known for having the top roofs in the industry and gives the farmer a Lifetime warranty on roof replacements. 

About Our Shop

Squirt Irrigation is a proud dealer of Crop Metrics. Water conservation is a top priority of ours. We offer three soil probe choices of 24, 36, and 48 inches. These probes will transmit data to our Precision Data Specialist and the grower, to determine when to irrigate knowing how much water the plant should consume. Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) variates the speed of water that moves through the pivot. This will allow the speed of the water to correspond with necessity in certain positions throughout the field. Crop Metrics benefits the farmer by increasing your yields in multiple crops.

Irrigation for a farmer, from a farmer- we keep you running.